Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Starting in the fall of 2023 all students dropped off at the high school will enter door 15N or door 11N.  Please pull forward until the car in front of you has stopped.  Once cars have stopped all students will exit their cars on the curb side.  Students may enter door 15N or 11N.  Please exit via the access road onto Edgewood Ave. FCHS Drop Off Map

Please be careful of student drivers as they are exiting their cars and walking into doors 11N and 15N.

Afternoon pickup – students may be picked up at the main entrance (1W) or the FA entrance (15N).  FCHS After School Traffic Flow

Please use green parking spots outside door 11N for pickup. Do not block the access road in front door 15N or 11N.

Please be careful as student drivers are moving toward school in the morning and to their cars in the afternoon. Safety is our utmost goal!

Please ask your student to be ready for you to pick them up. If you have more than one child at FC, have them wait at the same location, which should be where you dropped them off in the morning. This will expedite the dismissal procedures.

Thank you for your patience and willingness to guarantee our students safety!

FCHS Before School Traffic Map

FCHS After School Traffic Flow