Guidance Counseling

Do you need to see your counselor?

If you are in crisis, please utilize the following services instead of requesting to speak to your school counselor:
Crisis Text Line- text HOME to 741741
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Please complete the online Counseling Request form.  Your counselor will send a pass for you as soon as possible.

How to Order Transcripts

Note: The deadline to change course requests was June 1. The only scheduling changes which will be made at this time are due to an error (like a missing prerequisite) or to drop an elective to take a study hall if you do not already have one. These requests must be submitted no later than August 6 using the ink below.

Counselor Assignments

Student’s last name begins with A – Coh

Mr. Tim Siegert, Counselor     803-5660

Student’s last name begins with Coi – Go
Mrs. Tami Jacobs, Counselor     803-5542

Student’s last name begins with Gr – K
Mrs. Rebecca Fledderman, Counselor    803-5787

Student’s last name begins with L – O
Mrs. Christy Addison, Counselor     803-5540

Student’s last name begins with P – Sm
Ms. Ellen Simpson, Counselor     803-5642

Student’s last name begins with Sn – Z
Mrs. Wendy Ternieden, Counselor     803-5652

Mrs. Gretchen Brooks, Director 803-5545

Mrs. Brandy Ramsey, Registrar 803-5534

Mrs. Debbie Sandberg, Enrollment Secretary 803-5544

Mrs. Jennifer Lewis, Front Office Secretary 803-5694

2020 – 2021 Course Catalog

The FCHS 2020 – 2021 Course Catalog is now online and available for students and parents to view.

2020 – 2021 Course Requests

Course change requests for the upcoming school year will be available for viewing after spring break. Any course changes request will require an email, note or phone call from a guardian directly to the counselor.


Naviance is a college and scholarship database that is available to all Franklin Central students. In addition to providing students with a list of scholarship opportunities, the ability to conduct online college searches, and access to college admissions data, Naviance is also a communication tool between students and their counselor. The counseling office helps students register for Naviance during their freshman year. If your child does not remember his or her password for Naviance, it can be reset at the Naviance website. The new Naviance website is

The Counseling Office is also on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us @FCCounselors on Twitter for updates and reminders and at on Facebook.

College admissions representatives:
Please go to to schedule a college visit to Franklin Central High School. We schedule our visits from mid-August to mid-November each year.