Student Parking Information

Driving to school is a privilege reserved only for juniors and seniors who meet the required qualifications
1. All vehicles parked on the school grounds must be registered with the school and must display the current
permit on the rear view mirror, number facing towards the front of the vehicle.
2. Parking is strictly limited to the student parking areas.
3. All students must be licensed and covered by insurance. The school is not responsible for the automobile
or its contents.
4. There is to be no loitering or unauthorized visitation to the parking lot.
5. There will be no speeding over 15 miles per hour, or any form of reckless driving on or around school
6. Vehicles are subject to search if there are reasonable grounds to believe that drugs, alcohol, stolen property
or other contraband might be present in the vehicle.
7. Parking regulations are strictly enforced. It is considered a privilege to park on school grounds. Suspension
from school may occur when violations of these regulations occur.
8. All driving regulations and laws set by the State of Indiana apply to driving on school grounds unless
otherwise noted.
9. At the conclusion of the school day, students are to leave the parking lot by the exits onto Franklin Road.
11. Upon a student’s 4th tardy to first period, driving privileges may be revoked for the remainder of the
semester. If the 4th tardy occurs within the last two weeks of a semester, driving privileges will be revoked
for the following semester.
12. Bicycles and scooters are not approved as transportation to school.
13. Students who leave the school building without permission from an administrator will forfeit their parking
permit for the remainder of the year, in addition to other school discipline procedures.
Students who fail to comply with driving and parking regulations may have their cars towed at their own expense
and be denied the privilege of driving to school, in addition to other disciplinary actions.