SAT and ACT Information

General Information

The Franklin Central High School counseling office encourages all students who plan to attend college to take the ACT and the SAT during their junior year.  Colleges will accept students’ highest scores from either the SAT or ACT.  Students can retake either test during their senior year, but students need to keep in mind deadlines to receive test scores that are set by colleges.  Students register and pay for these tests directly through the test websites, and the registration deadline for each test is about a month in advance of the test date.  Students who are on free/reduced lunch may receive one fee waiver from their counselor for both the SAT and ACT during both their junior and senior year.  A comparison chart of the ACT and SAT and specific test dates and registration deadlines can be found below.



Upcoming SAT Dates and Deadlines

Test Prep Options

The following link is a list of different SAT and ACT test prep options.  Franklin Central High School does not endorse or prefer any specific test prep option. Statistically, students do not improve test scores from one test to the next without some sort of additional test preparation. Franklin Central encourages families to consider all options based on time and affordability.

SAT and ACT Test Prep Options