Transcript Request

Current Students can make transcript requests through their existing Parchment accounts.  Transcript requests can be sent electronically for free by signing on to  Make certain the transcript is being sent from Franklin Central to the receiving entity.

Seniors were given instructions on Parchment at the August Senior Seminar.  The same information can also be found on the FC Guidance Counseling page under the Senior Parent Meeting tab (slide #10).

(NEW!)Graduates from Franklin Central can request official transcripts by signing on to and ordering through existing accounts or creating new accounts.  There is a $6.25 fee payable by credit card to Parchment.  Transcripts can be mailed or sent electronically to any email address.

Important! If your name has changed since you graduated, you must use the exact name used upon graduation (i.e. maiden name).  Also, don’t forget to match suffixes as well (i.e. Jr., III, etc…).  If the request doesn’t match the name on the high school transcript it will not send.

Non- graduates/withdrawn students can request an unofficial copy of their transcript by:

  1. Emailing a request to  Be sure to include your full name, as it was when you attended FCHS, along with your date of birth.  Please indicate if you will be picking up the records or if they are to be mailed.  Be sure to include an address in your email, if records are to be mailed.
  2. Calling the FCHS Counseling Department at 803-5544.
  3. Visiting the FCHS Counseling Department and making a request.

There is no fee for the records of students who are withdrawn or have not graduated from Franklin Central High School.

Official transcripts/records will be released when the student has completed the withdrawal process.

Parents wishing to withdraw or transfer their student should contact their student’s school counselor.